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Excerpt from Introduction, page 11:

...360° video allows you to transport an audience into a new world, surrounding them in an immersive photorealistic environment where they truly feel like they are there—inside the movie alongside the other characters. And each individual viewer gets a unique experience, able to freely look around and focus on whatever catches his or her eye. 

And it’s no more difficult to create than it is to shoot regular video! Okay, it is a bit more complex in some ways (though arguably easier in others). But just like with traditional video, you can keep it extremely simple, shooting with a handheld camera and sharing it directly on your Facebook wall, or you can go through an elaborate multi-step process, employing a large professional crew, and continually refining your work until you achieve a result that feels perfect. Most creators likely fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum, and that’s exactly who this book was written for.

This book is intended to be a practical, hands-on guidebook for the creation of 360° video. I have purposely designed it so you can also skip around and jump right to the topic or section you’re most interested in. There are frequent cross-references to help you skip right to related or complementary topics.

Of course, you can also read the book straight through. Reading it that way, you may find some important concepts are mentioned more than once as I explain them from a variety of different contexts and perspectives. 

Whenever possible I include tips, tricks, shortcuts, and the occasional anecdote to help enhance your understanding of the concepts presented... 

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