Ahoy Matey!

A note about piracy

Please do not distribute the book files or reproduce content from the book without permission.

This book was created by one person (with help from an incredibly supportive wife and a stellar assistant) over the process of fourteen months and with tremendous effort and personal expense*

Once a copy of the ePub or PDF is available on file-sharing sites, it will proliferate and be impossible to stop. While there is simple DRM on the files to trace shared copies back to the person who purchased it, I'm not foolish enough to think that enterprising criminals won't be able to defeat or disregard that. 

The most important thing is for you to do the right thing and refrain from sharing the book. Even at the expensive prices I'm forced to charge (thanks Amazon publishing), I make less than $3 from each copy sold, and it will take more than 6500 sales to recoup the hard costs I spent making the book.

I did not write this book to get rich, but rather to spread the gospel about 360° video and the potential that VR has as a medium to make the world a better place. I want to help you make better 360° videos because I want to watch better 360 videos.

Still, if I can't even break even, it will be difficult to justify the continued work that will be required to keep the book up to date as the industry continues to grow and evolve (My plan is to update the book at least once a year.)

Thanks sincerely for your support of my work as an independent artist and best of luck with your 360 projects (and whatever else you've got going on!) Thanks for reading! -Michael

*In fact writing this book cost me my day job at Apple, as somehow they determined that my writing this book was “competitive” to their business.